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Welcome to ~TrippleFaith ~, NEW Rsps Server / Eco / Pking. Dont forget to Vote Daily and Apply for Staff If Needed.
Dont Forget to Vote !!! Voting = More Advertisement = More Players, And download the client here -- :
From The TrippleFaith Staff: Thanks For Playing!

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 Required Info Staff Application

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Forum Mod
Forum Mod

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PostSubject: Required Info Staff Application   Sat May 12, 2012 5:50 pm

Name: Deven

In-game name: Dont play in game.

Forum Name: Deven

How old are you?: 14

What staff position are you applying for?: Forum Mod

Why do you want to be a admin/mod?: Because I love working in a team and helping people out on the forums.

How long have you been playing for?: Rs: 4 years Rsps: 1.5years

Do you have staff exsperience?: Yes, I have been a Forum Mod on a starting up server just like this one.

Where do you live/ Time Zone?: Eastern Standard

What can you do for the server if given staff?: I would keep the forums safe, help people and try to get as much people playing this rsps as I can.

Thanks, Deven
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PostSubject: Re: Required Info Staff Application   Thu May 17, 2012 8:05 am

Thanks for applying Devon, your applications have been accepted. We don't have a big community so it wont be to much to handle being forum mod, however as of now you are on trial for a forum mod. If I see that you are great for a forum mod and that you are always active, you will not loose it. If I see otherwise you will loose your staff position.

Welcome to the Staff team Devon and Congratulations on being forum Mod.

~ David ~
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Required Info Staff Application
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